Student Testimonies

"Getting the opportunity to explore a new city while simultaneously learning innovative and fascinating information, and all at the cost of just a couple breakfast meals, is certainly one that is rare to come by. On my trip to the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) in Kansas City, Missouri, however, that exceptional occasion is exactly what was presented to me. I traveled with my Honors Contemporary Civilization professor, Mrs. Laurel Smith, to Kansas City on October 20th through the 23rd to attend captivating and informative sessions, serve as a student moderator, and explore the city." - Jordan Hertau, Honors Program member

"I was just named as a Distinquished Academic All-american in 2009-2010. I was also the only student, as well as the  only international student ever in the school to receive this honor and award.  Yet, I know i would not be able to get it without you, who always teach me patiently, have my back  and support me always. Therefore, may this honor not be mine, but to all the other people who have, and will always be loving me and  supporting me no matter what comes my way." - Eva Lam, Phi Theta Kappa member

"I can't imagine a better group of leaders at VU.  I am most proud of VU as the foundation for everything that I have done regarding my education. Much of the motivation and encouragement to aim high came directly from you (VU honors professors)". - Cheyenne Riker, Honors Program member

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Honors Program

Honors Program

The Vincennes University Honors Program is open to outstanding students of all majors who wish to develop their talents to the fullest. Through a combination of honors courses, leadership opportunities, cultural events, and creative activity, the Honors Program is designed to enhance the intellectual lives of the students who participate as well as the University's academic community.

Students in the Honors Program are distinguished by their participation in this special program. Academic honors may be an additional distinction for Honors students as well as other students at VU. The Honors Program definitely has its advantages, including scholarships, enrichment activities, and special academic benefits.

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Participation in the Honors Program includes the following benefits:

  • A breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that employees prioritize

  • A learning community for high-achieving students with networking possibilities

  • Leadership opportunities and personalized study opportunities with faculty members

  • Field trips and social events

  • Unique, enhanced learning opportunities, experiences, and projects in major program courses

  • Courses fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements as well as reading/writing and speaking intensive requirements 

  • Program participation scholarship of about $250 each semester

  • Housing grants of up to $500 per semester available for students who live in VU dorms and preferential placement in dorm rooms with other High-GPA and honors students

  • Opportunities for additional scholarships and guidance in application

  • Official transcript reflects Honors Program course completion


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Matthew Norman

Associate Professor of English

Director of Honors Program