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Education - Chemistry Concentration (Grades 5-12), A.S. Transfer

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Estimated Program Length

2 Years for A.S. degree, 4 years for B.S. degree


Vincennes Campus

The education and chemistry departments offer two degrees in Chemistry Education.  The first is a two-year degree (A.S. Chemistry-Education) designed to cover the first two years of the curriculum and prepare students for entry into the Education program.  The second is a four-year degree (B.S. Education - Science) where students learn to be chemistry teachers for Grades 5-12.  Graduates of the this program are prepared for Initial Licensure in Indiana for Grades 5-12. 

Chemists may be responsible for most of the things that make our lives better, but it is the chemistry teacher that makes it all possible.

VU Gets You into the Classroom

Understanding content is only one part of being a good chemistry teacher.  As a VU education major, you will spend a minimum of 60 hours in the classroom through a program called Initial Experiences in Education.  During this time you will observe, grade papers, plan, and teach at least five classes.  There will be plenty of time to discuss and share ideas with other education majors, develop classroom management skills, and learn how to use the computer as a teaching aid.

Students in the B.S. program also will gain classroom experiences once admitted into the Education program as junior students.  At minimum, students will spend an additional 105 hours in the classroom setting prior to student teaching.

Career Outcomes

Secondary education is a field in constant need of new teachers.  According to the BLS, there is an expected 8.5% job growth in Secondary Education over the next 8 years.  In addition, science education is in special need.  VU Science Education graduates are in high demand, posting a 100% placement rating in the workforce or graduate school over the past five years.