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Networking and Security Specialist, A.S.C.T.

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

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Computer Networking and Security Specialist

Available on the Vincennes campus

This two-year program gives students the theory as well as the hands on lab exercises that prepare them for employment in the computer LAN (Local Area Networking) or WAN (Wide Area Networking) fields. Students will implement, maintain, manage, and secure network environments utilizing the latest Microsoft Windows client and server software. Students will also work with Cisco curriculum, routers, switches, and many other networking tools.

In addition to Microsoft and Cisco training, students will work with computer devices, printers, operating systems, laptops, and wireless networking devices as they prepare for their CompTIA certifications. The Computer Networking and Security Specialist program helps prepare students to take industry recognized certification exams from Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA.

These certifications are in high demand by employers and can open doors to rewarding job opportunities for students beginning a career in the IT (Information Technology) field.

Career Outcomes

Computer Networking Fundamentals, Gainful Employment Disclosure