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Restaurant and Food Service Management (ASCT)

Restaurant and Food Service Management (ASCT)

Associate of Science Career/Tech

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2 years


Vincennes Campus

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Restaurant and Food Service Management

Diverse career and employment opportunities in restaurant management include working in hospitals, school corporations, catering firms, corporate cafeterias, hotels and all sorts of restaurants from fast food, trendy chain, or fine dining. Wherever there are people, there are restaurants! People must eat and today's population contains many people who prefer dining out, rather than gathering groceries and preparing meals at home.

An associate degree in restaurant management prepares you for management trainee programs in the fast food industry and other casual dining chain or corporate concepts such as Olive Garden, Applebee's, or Red Lobster. Courses you will take include food operations, banquet and catering management, purchasing, cost controls, and food service sanitation.

This curriculum offers prospective hospitality managers a comprehensive program of study in sound management practices directed toward the restaurant, food service, and institutional food service industry. Emphasis is given to the hospitality industry’s communications, personnel management, production, cost controls, equipment and management of the perishable commodity.

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