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The education and chemistry departments offer one four-year degree in Secondary Science Education where students learn to be secondary chemistry instructors.  This program is designed to cover the first two years of a four-year curriculum, leading to licensing as a chemistry teacher for grades 9-12. 

4-year degrees:  B.S., Secondary Science Education

Major       - Concentration

Education  - Chemistry 4002, B.S.

Chemists may be responsible for most of the things that make our lives better, but it is the chemistry teacher that makes it all possible.

VU Gets You into the Classroom

Understanding content is only one part of being a good chemistry teacher.  As a VU education major, you will spend a minimum of 30 hours in the classroom through a program called Initial Experiences in Education.  During this time you will observe, grade papers, plan, and teach at least five classes.  There will be plenty of time to discuss and share ideas with other education majors, develop classroom management skills, and learn how to use the computer as a teaching aid.

Career Outcomes

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What Our Students Say

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"The Vincennes University Education Program was a life-changing program for me. The knowledge, experiences, and connections I made there are priceless. The program allowed me to go straight from college to a successful career as an educator. The professors take the time to give you a personalized and diverse learning experience that builds relationships that last a lifetime."

Ginger Cummins