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Fire Science and Safety Technology, A.S. Career/Tech

Associate of Science Career/Tech

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2 years


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Firefighters have one of the most exciting jobs in the country.  And one of the most dangerous!  That’s why many departments now require some type of formal training.  Above all, safety comes first.  And the more you know about the nature of fire and the technologies used to control it, the safer you will be.

Vincennes University has worked closely with local fire officials to develop this premiere, two-year program. It’s one of the best in the state. By the time you graduate, you’ll have both the basic and advanced training you need to perform your job with the utmost confidence.

This program emphasizes both the academic and practical side of firefighting. You will also have the opportunity to earn Indiana State certification in hazardous materials and other specific areas.

Topics You Will Study

  • Buildings, fire codes, and construction
  • Types of construction
  • Flame spread
  • Smoke and fire containment
  • Principles of fire resistance
  • Firefighting strategies and techniques
  • Methods of fire attack 
  • Fire behavior
  • Building design

Special types of fire emergencies

  • Transportation
  • Below ground
  • Confined spaces

Fire cause and determination

  • Conduct basic investigations
  • Area and methods of fire spread
  • Recognize and preserve evidence
  • Arson and constitution law  

This degree transfers directly into VU's Homeland Security and Public Safety B.S. Degree program.

Career Outcomes

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