International Admission

Priority Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester (classes starting in August): June 1
  • Spring Semester (classes starting in January): October 1

*Applications received after July 1st or November 1st may defer to the subsequent term.

How To Apply 

Step 1. Complete the International Application

Step 2. Application Fee is currently waived, pay $0.

Step 3. Submit Official Documents

  • Required documents can be submitted through the online application.
  • Please note that an application is not complete until all official documents have been received. 

3A. Official High School Transcript

3B. Proof of Financial Support

  • Official document demonstrating the ability to cover the financial obligation of studying in the U.S. for the first year. Documentation can include, but is not limited to a personal bank statement on bank letterhead* or scholarship guarantee letter. All financial support evidence must be issued within 90 days of the received date.
  • Minimum requirement: $29,000 USD

*All personal financial support documents, such as a bank statement, must be accompanied by a Financial Sponsor Statement. The name of the Financial Sponsor must match the name listed on the financial support document.

3C. Copy of your passport

  • The picture page of your passport must be clear and easy to read and your passport cannot be expired. 

3D. English Proficiency Score (OPTIONAL)

  • Although English proficiency scores are not required for admissions at Vincennes University, applicants can meet our English proficiency standard by attaining the necessary score on any one of the tests below. Please see Demonstration of English Proficiency for more details.   

Step 4. Admission Review  

  • Once the application file is complete the Admissions Office will begin the application review process. Please contact with any questions. 

Apply as a transfer student if you are currently attending or have previously attending a college or university in any country and now wish to attend VU. 

From an institution in the U.S. 

  • Transfer-In Form (required): If you are currently studying or were previously studying in the U.S. on an F-1 visa, you must complete the transfer-in form when submitting your application materials. 
  • Official College Transcript (optional): In order to receive academic credit for classes taken at other institutions, you must submit your previous transcripts. 

From a foreign institution

  • Course-by-course evaluation (optional): If you have college credits that you would like to transfer to Vincennes University from outside the U.S., you will need to request a course-by-course evaluation of your transcripts by an international credential evaluation service, with the results mailed directly to Vincennes University.

English Proficiency

Vincennes University is an open enrollment college, which means we do not require a TOEFL score for International Admissions. At Vincennes University, the requirement to provide English language scores may be waived if you have completed, or are currently completing, a degree-level course that is: full-time, at least nine months long, undertaken at a recognized institution where the medium of instruction and assessment throughout the course is entirely in English.

Although English proficiency is not required for admissions, applicants can meet our English proficiency standard by attaining the necessary score on the following tests:  


  • English Proficient - 71 and over

  • Eligible for EAL (ESL) - 70 and under


  • English Proficient - 95 and over

  • Eligible for EAL (ESL) - 94 and under


  • English Proficient - 6 and over

  • Eligible for EAL (ESL) - 5 and under

*More Information Here

*Results from any other English proficiency test should be submitted and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Students with TOEFL scores below 71 iBT or IELTS score below 6 will be tested for English as a Additional Language  upon their arrival. If a student does not achieve a satisfactory score, he or she will be required to take at least one semester of full-time EAL courses (16 credit hours). A student must successfully complete their EAL courses before enrolling in any regular college courses. See more about English as a Second Language (EAL)
*Results from any other English proficiency test should be submitted and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Required documents can be mailed to: 

  • Vincennes University, Attn: Office of Admissions, 1002 North First Street , Vincennes, IN 47591
  • or uploaded in the application portal where you first applied.

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