Phyllis Richardson

Hospitality Management Program Chair

Phyllis Richardson


Hospitality Management




Vincennes Campus


With over 40 years in Hospitality Management, Phyllis Richardson can say that her entire career has revolved around hospitality.  After more than 10 years in hotel and restaurant management, Professor Richardson came to Vincennes University to share her knowledge with students seeking to manage hotels and restaurants in their futures, too.  

Professor Richardson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Oakland City University, an Associate’s Degree in Hotel Management from Vincennes University, and a General Manager’s Certification from Holiday Inn University.

She is the Hospitality Management Program Chair which includes Hotel Management, Tourism, Hospitality, Restaurant Management, and Culinary Arts.  She assists students in finding the hospitality career area that excites and fits them the most.

When I'm Not Teaching

Phyllis and husband, Mark have one son, Wes 22.  They live on a small farm with 5 horses.