Your Right to Privacy

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Assessment Center will not divulge any information about examinees to anyone without a written release from the examinee.

A copy of the FERPA document is posted in the Assessment Center office for review and inspection by any interested party.

Testing Policy

Please report to Beckes Student Union, First Floor

Times to report:
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The Accuplacer placement test is very important!  You should do your very best! Your test results will determine your initial classes when you start at Vincennes University.

  • You must provide a photo identification in order to test!
    To eliminate the possibility of test fraud, you will need to present a photo ID such as a driver's license or state ID card. An employment or government ID is also acceptable if it includes a photo. Some test sponsors require that we make a photocopy of your identification.
  • No unauthorized testing aids, backpacks, books, notes, computers, calculators, etc.
  • All cell phones, pagers, alarm watches, etc. must be turned OFF.
  • No noise, talking, or other disturbance to examinees will be allowed.
  • Companions/friends or children must wait outside the center.
  • No one may disturb, talk to, or distract an examinee during testing.
  • Any examinee found to be giving or receiving assistance, using unauthorized materials, attempting to remove test content or materials, creating a disturbance, or otherwise violating the Assessment Center testing policies, will be removed from the center and their test and scores will be cancelled

In extreme cases of violation, action may also include report and referral to the Dean of Students office or, in the case of attempted theft or removal of test content or materials, the appropriate legal and law enforcement authorities.


Effective June 1, 2016, students will automatically be permitted to take up to TWO retest test sessions on the Accuplacer, regardless of source, in a 12 month cycle starting June 1st every year. This applies whether the student is taking the Accuplacer for demonstrating college readiness or for class placement purposes. 

Students are strongly encouraged to use My Foundations Lab and the Accuplacer Practice Site prior to testing for maximum effectiveness.

Test sessions can be completed at any approved site, including any VU campus, subject to the following conditions:    

1.    Retests cannot be taken within 30 days of the last Accuplacer test date.

2.    Test-takers may retest on all or part of the Accuplacer.  The three choices for retesting are the Full Test, Math only, or Verbal only; however, if a Math only or Verbal only test is taken that partial test counts as the retest.

3.    Test-takers with documented disabilities who choose to request accommodations for testing, including testing at approved off-campus testing sites, should follow these steps in setting an appointment:

  • Register for Disability Services before scheduling an appointment for testing.  Once reasonable and appropriate accommodations have been identified, all accommodations are  verified to Assessment Center staff.
  • Once registered in Disability Services, testers with disabilities must contact the Assessment Center to schedule a separate appointment for testing with accommodations, EVEN IF TESTING DURING A START VU DAY.  Tests taken at an approved off-campus testing site still require contact with the Assessment Center staff so staff can assist in arranging accommodations at the remote testing site, if possible.
  • If a test-taker can show that any previous Accuplacer tests were taken without appropriate accommodations, the student will be able to retest with approved accommodations.

4.    Retests must be completed and scores received by VU prior to the start of classes.   

5.    No retests for placement will be given after a student is in the learning track (with exception of MATH 008, MATT 017 and MATT 019).  For example, a student places into both developmental English and math.  If the student begins a developmental math course but not an English developmental course, the student cannot retest in math (except as noted above).  However, the student can retest in English, as long as the student has not surpassed the limit of 2 retests in a 12 month cycle.

6.    Provisional Admittance (PA) students will coordinate with the Admissions Office for 30 day Retest Waivers on Start VU Days to optimize Customer Service.  The Admissions Office will notify the Assessment Center of any PA student retesting with such waiver to prevent score invalidation.


Vincennes University - Assessment Center
Phone: 812-888-5404    Fax: 812-888-5544