How to access courses on the VU Blackboard:

Step 1 – The best method to access the Blackboard server is to go through our Distance Education page. This method is preferred because it takes you to the VU Blackboard login page where you may view the server status and Blackboard tutorials.

  • Navigate to the top of the page, where you will see the heading listed as "Blackboard" this will take you directly to the blackboard homepage. We suggest adding Blackboard to your favorites in your browser so it is easily accessible.

Step 2 – Enter your VU Blackboard username and password

Step 3 – Once you have logged in, you should see Welcome “your name”. This is on the My Institution page.

Step 4 - Look to the right side under My Courses, then you will see the Courses you are enrolled in.

Step 5 – Click on the link which has the name of the course you wish to access.

How to access courses not on the VU Blackboard:

Math Courses use the Pearson MyMathLab website.

The instructor may or may not use the VU Blackboard to initiate login to the Pearson MyMathLab website. You will need to purchase a course access code along with your textbook. The course access code will be required for the MyMathLab website login. To complete the login process, you will also need the required course ID, which your instructor will send to your preferred email at the beginning of the course. Your Course ID must match the instructor and section you are enrolled in. Please confirm your specific section on your MyVU account. If you have not purchased your textbook by the start date of class then look for the Temporary Access to Full Access link. 

Contact your course instructor if you have additional questions regarding the MyMathLab website and access.

MUSI 205 & MUSI 218 - instructions for accessing your course will come from your Instructor and CD included with your textbook.