About External Relations

The Department of External Relations (ER):

  • develops and executes data-based recruitment strategies for the Vincennes Campus;

  • establishes processes that set the basis for system-wide admissions;

  • collaborates with Institutional Research to track enrollment, pinpoint shifts, and identify changing student populations;

  • manages University branding, awareness, and strategic marketing;

  • provides the services of an in-house agency for the production of advertising and promotional materials;

  • generates public information communications and news releases;

  • promotes VU athletics;

  • offers ombudsman services and specialized communications to VU parents and families;

  • coordinates special events such as dedications, commencements, conferences, and camps;

  • partners with the University webmaster and other offices to generate the institution’s online web presence through www.vinu.edu, www.govutrailblazers.com, and social media outlets;

  • and maintains strong collaborative relationships throughout the University system and with external organizations.

The External Relations Department can be found in Governor's Hall next to Admissions.

External Relations Staff & Services

External Relations Offices & Services

OFFICE OF MARKETINGAndrea Tscherter, Director of Marketing Services


Andrea Tscherter, Director of Marketing Services


The primary directive of Marketing Services is to enhance and maintain the integrity of the University brand in all External Relations materials. Proper presentation of the brand works to establish an accurate perception of the University’s role in Indiana’s educational system. This position also handles all creative design, artwork and printing support.


Brandi Porter, Director


The Office of Parent and Family Services encourages and supports the growth and development of the whole student by providing programs and support services to parents and families of VU students. These services complement students’ academic and personal development and success. The Office of Parent and Family Services amplifies the overall mission of the University through resources that promote outreach, leadership, diversity, critical thinking, social interaction, and community.


Cindy A. Beaman, Director


The Office of University Events and Special Projects focuses on marketing the University as a host site for events, camps, conferences, and other special projects. All multi-day reservations are made through this office for large-scale events that use multiple venues and services, such as meeting rooms, special event space, residence hall accommodations, catering, audio-visual needs, and parking. The office serves as the central point of contact for both internal and external clients, providing accurate information and handling requests for conferences, camps, meetings, and events.





 Marcia Martinez, University Life Reporter and Sports Information Director


 The role of the Office of University Relations is to tell and share the VU story.  The office serves all areas of the University by providing communication, marketing, media, outreach and recruitment support.

 The VU News Team is available to facilitate media access to campus leaders and newsmakers, topical experts, news releases, and photos. Assistance is available for breaking news, current trends, public opinion, or research. Campus resources include an on-campus broadcast studio, photography, video clips, and sound bites.