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VU Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2016

January 3, 2017 - VU Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2016

VINCENNES, Ind. - The Vincennes University Dean's List for Fall 2016 includes students from the Vincennes campus, Jasper campus, Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis, military bases, and other extended sites. To qualify for the Dean's List, a student must complete at least 12 credit hours and achieve a grade point index of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. Below is the list of honor students named to the VU Dean’s List for Fall 2016.



Bicknell - David P. Bryan, Automotive Technology; Molly A. Earhart, Nursing, Associate of Science; Charles Z. Meier, Architectural Studies Tech/CAD; Madison M. Meurer, Biological, Biomedical Science; Karen Mincey, Legal Studies; Heather M. Reed, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Katherine J. Reed, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Kassie R. Robbins, Educ Early Childhood Concen; Tyler J. Sanders, General Studies; ReOnna N. Smith, Art; Jonna L. Stephens, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Matthew R. Stokes, Social Work; Kendra E. Swettenam, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Madison L. Utt, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Allison S. Weiler, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Jade A. Wolfe, English; Catrina M. Yates, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Bruceville - Zachary J. Cardinal, Business Management; Zachary A. Dillon, Radiography; Kayton E. Jones, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Emma J. Marsh, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Dalton D. Sloan, Technology; Ruger A. Spires, Music Audio Recording; Kalena P. Wagner, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv

Decker - Zachary E. Carter, Technology

Edwardsport - Jared R. Bedwell, Engineering Science; Taylor R. Stephens, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Luke M. Sydow, Law Enforcement Conservation

Freelandville - Taylor D. Doffing, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Brittany M. McMillin, Business Administration

Monroe City - Alexandrea M. Parker, Business Administration; Tyler E. Russell, Computer Programming Tech

Oaktown - Justin E. Dye, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Misty R. Elliott, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Taylor N. Hankins, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Diane N. Hobbs, Chemical Sciences; Aubrey E. Utt, Educ Elementary Concentration

Sandborn - Tyler C. Meek, Automotive Technology

Vincennes - Ashley L. Abel, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Dalayna E. Anderson, Business Administration; Veska L. Banzon, Radiography; Braydon D. Bobe, Chemical Sciences; Casey A. Booth, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Jessica N. Briner, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Mason R. Buckthal, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; James E. Burns, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Karen A. Camacho Cuenca, Biological, Biomedical Science; Kalita K. Carie, Business Management; Aintzane Castarlenas Martinez, Engineering Science; Kali R. Cavender, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Stephen J. Cole, Business Administration; Laura S. Cooper, General Studies; Seth A. Crouch, General Studies; Evan J. Day, Technology; Susie A. Delp, Radiography; Miranda M. Dunn, Social Work; Malayia R. Ellis, Chemical Sciences; Jana L. Eubank, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; David N. Evans, Engineering Science; Brandi L. Fields, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Ashley M. Gilmore, Social Work; Devin D. Glass, Precision Machining Tech; Sarah E. Groneman, Nursing, Associate of Science; Olivia J. Hackney, Administrative Office Tech; Christian B. Hanks, EMS Paramedic Certificate; Joshua F. Harding, Engineering Science; Ashley A. Hendricks, Radiography; Jillian D. Hollingsworth, Administrative Office Tech; Caleb M. Hughes, General Studies/Exploring; Erin M. Hughes, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Stacia A. Hulen, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Erica J. Jackson, Biological, Biomedical Science; Breanna N. Kahre, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Alexa M. Lane, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Emily J. Lankford, Social Work; Cheuk Y. Lee, Behav Sci Sociology Conc; Alyssa D. Like, General Studies; Kristine D. Locklin, Technology; Cody J. Lowe, Electronics Technology; Cole M. Madison, General Studies; Karla M. Marckwordt, Information Technology; Elisabeth G. Marley, Art; Zachery L. Martin, Information Technology; Tiffany G. Mathias, General Studies; Milana Matias, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Ellie S. McClung, Graphic Design Occupational; Leanna R. McCoy, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Carrie A. McDaniel, Automotive Technology; Destiny J. McGavic, Nursing, Associate of Science; Hannah G. McVey, Art; Connor M. Mercer, Construction Technology; Trenton A. Miller, Automotive Technology; Linden A. Morrison, Costume Construction; Jacob A. Mouzin, Automotive Technology; Joseph C. Nance, Welding Technology; Ha D. Nguyen, Nursing, Associate of Science; Mitchell D. Nowaskie, Technology; Vincent Nyathi, Elec Tech-Biomed Equip Tch Con; Justin R. Pease, Automotive Technology; Brittney N. Polston, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Morgan N. Pond, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Teia L. Ray, Surgical Technology; Samuel J. Renner, Music Audio Recording; Matthew L. Robertson, Precision Machining Tech; Michael J. Robinson, Technology; Madison L. Rogers, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Kelsey L. Schaller, Health Information Management; Eli A. Schnarr, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Samantha M. Schnarr, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Madison N. Schuckman, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Katlin M. Schultz, Educ Elementary Concentration; Bailey M. Schutter, Business Administration; Kristin G. Seger, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Rebecca M. Sevilla, Legal Studies; Joshua D. Shipman, Law Enforcement; Austin M. Sievers, Business Administration; Justin D. Smith, Hotel and Motel Management; Claudia A. Stan, General Studies/ESL; Austin E. Stearns, Computer Programming Tech; Ian M. Stephens, Music Audio Recording; Jonathan M. Stephens, Computer Programming Tech; Sarah B. Swanson, Business Administration; Wing K. Tang, Behav Sci Sociology Conc; Shawna K. Thomas, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Tayler J. Thorne, Child Development; Roxanna M. Turner, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Steven S. Varner, Fire Science+Safety Tech; Katrina Vectirane, Public Relations/Communication; Cathlene M. Warren, Public Relations/Communication; Mary Ashton R. Waynescott, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Jessica L. Welage, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Olivia L. Worland, Lib Arts Anthropology Conc

Westphalia - Jacob L. Burress, Architectural Studies Tech/CAD; Lydia R. Hancock, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Tiffany N. Wallace, Education-Mathematics

Wheatland - Natalie F. Byrd, Chemical Sciences; Cody R. Marsh, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Becky L. McCarter, Administrative Office Tech; Jaden J. Page, Engineering Science; Bonnie S. Ross, Information Technology



Berne - David L. All, Precision Machining Tech; Corbin J. Burkholder, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc

Columbus - Layne W. Holbrook, Law Enforcement

Fowler - Andrew J. Fry, Law Enforcement; Samuel P. Snedden, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc
Oxford - Samuel T. Smith, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc

Zionsville - Samuel K. West, Business Administration

Delphi - Benjamin D. Stewart, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc

Borden - Jasmine C. Harrell, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Zachariah C. Johnson, Law Enforcement Conservation
Henryville - Zachary T. Staples, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Jasonville - David S. Hedden, Nursing, Associate of Science

English - David Z. Jones, Construction Technology
Marengo - Cheyenne C. Carmon, Social Work; Ashley N. Jones, Administrative Office Tech
Milltown - Katie D. Broughton, Gen Stud-Health Sciences

Elnora - Andrea K. Kemper, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Montgomery - Triston N. Anderson, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Baleigh J. Miller, Health Information Management; Allison M. Swartzentruber, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Odon - Davi L. Aishe, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Kimberly J. Graber, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Russell D. Hellyer, Law Enforcement; Tara D. Jolliff, General Studies; Alexis D. Reed, Surgical Technology; Kimberly A. Riggins, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Aaron J. Steffey, Welding Technology; Logan J. Stoll, Gen St-Tech Apprenticeship
Plainville - Donnelle N. Calhoun, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Washington - Hannah K. Allison, Radiography; Justin L. Alsman, Law Enforcement Studies Conc; Melissa A. Barnes, Business Administration; Mason A. Bateman, Comp Netwrkg+Sec Spec-Elec Tch; Jacob G. Bedwell, Business Administration; Kevin J. Byrer Jr., Supply Chain Logistics Mgt; Drew A. Davis, General Studies; Hailey N. Davisson, General Studies; Matthew A. Gaither, Precision Machining Tech; Lindsey M. Goodrid, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Benjamin T. Harner, Diesel Technology; Rebekah J. Hedrick, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Kaitlyn E. Holscher, Administrative Office Tech; Aaron L. Holt, Electronics Technology; Heather S. Hovis, Administrative Office Tech; Tyler M. Jenne, General Studies; Justin L. Limbach, Electronics Technology; Mariela Lopez Chavez, Practical Nursing; Lori M. Lundy, Behavioral Sciences; Julia A. Moore, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Laura J. Rainey, Emergency Medical Services; Salvador Rodriguez Jr., Automotive Technology; Maria G. Santos, Child Development; Sean T. Scott, Biological, Biomedical Science; Christopher J. Searl, Electronics Technology; Louis P. Sipes, Technology; Amber C. Taylor, Educ Early Childhood Concen; Kaitlyn N. Trillo, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Sarah J. Zigler, General Studies

Greensburg - Jordan L. Ortman, Law Enforcement Conservation; Devin R. Workman, Law Enforcement Conservation
Westport - Zane T. Money, Music

Birdseye - Alyssa J. Englert, General Studies
Celestine - Jade Hoffman, Business Management; Hope D. Marks, Social Work
Dubois - Max H. Evans, Information Technology; Michael D. Mosher, Comp Prgm/Networking Conc; Jami A. Roach, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Korey L. Verkamp, Business Administration
Ferdinand - Payton M. Begle, General Studies; Morganne L. Haas, Emergency Medical Services; Kelli R. Jochem, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Carolyn D. Reeves, General Studies; Olivia R. Schilling, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Jessica D. Schipp, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Henry R. Steckler, Engineering Science; Tammy R. Wilson, Gen Stud/ADN-RN Compl Conc-LPN
Huntingburg - Cody M. Blessinger, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Crystal L. Deno, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Denise R. Garris, Practical Nursing; Autaumn R. Gogel, Law Enforcement Conservation; Kyle L. Hagen, General Studies; Melissa R. Hanebutt, Music Audio Recording; Jessica L. Hitt, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Janet L. Kemp, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Samauel I. Lee, Collision Repair + Refinishing; Cecily J. Meyer, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Heather K. Miller, Practical Nursing; Melissa A. Mutchman, Accounting; Kendall C. Neukam, Administrative Office Tech; Michael R. Pund, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Abigail K. Rahman, Art-Design (GD/VIS Com Emp) Tr; Hayley G. Storm, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
Jasper - Aaron C. Anderson, Computer Programming Tech; Lindsay B. Baker, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Nicholas D. Bonam, Electronics Technology; Ashley N. Borden, General Studies; Maxwell S. Bradley, General Studies; Anita R. Bravo, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Anna C. Buechler, General Studies; Michala R. Flamion, Accounting; Brady T. Freson, Business Administration; Kyle D. Freyberger, Electronics Technology; Wendi R. Lindauer, Radiography; Herbert J. Lumpp, Welding Technology; Michaela A. Mathies, General Studies; Travis A. Onyett, General Studies; Tori A. Reinhart, Gen Stud-Health Sciences; Donald M. Rohlman III, General Studies; Austin A. Russell, Computer Programming Tech; Dylan N. Seng, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Trent A. Smith, Law Enforcement; Jace T. Sturgeon, Practical Nursing; Paola M. Torres Aguilar, Practical Nursing; Silvia A. Walford, Computer Programming Tech; Ashley N. Watkins, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Ian M. Weyer, Lib Arts Economics Conc; Korbinian E. Williams, Nursing, Associate of Science
Saint Anthony - Austin J. Bromm, Agribusiness; Eli S. Knust, General Studies; Jennifer L. Merkley, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Austin R. Rothgerber, Agribusiness; Kyle A. Wendholt, Precision Machining Tech

New Albany - Cheyenne R. Rouse, Welding Technology

Brookville - Evan R. Buckler, Law Enforcement Conservation; Emma C. Robinson, Educ English Concentration
Oldenburg - Dylan W. Enzinger, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Fort Branch - Suzan A. Straeffer, General Studies
Francisco - Sydney L. Nurrenbern, General Studies
Haubstadt - Tony R. Ambrose, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Holly M. Bittner, Public Relations/Communication; Devon J. Glaser, Automotive Technology; Maisie M. Lay, Graphic Design Occupational; Isaac D. Sollman, Diesel Technology
Hazleton - John M. Daniel, General Studies
Oakland City - Tyler K. Bottoms, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Axel T. Freudenberg, Lib Arts Political Science Con
Owensville - Mikayla M. Keen, Educ Art All Grade Conc; Brooks A. Martin, Collision Repair + Refinishing; Sydney M. Matsel, General Studies
Patoka - Cody J. Shanks, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Austin L. Stiles, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Kyle R. Stuckey, Business Administration; Daniel J. Wells, General Studies/Exploring; Nikolas K. Wiley, Culinary Arts
Princeton - Helena Aldridge, Biological, Biomedical Science; Katelyn P. Auberry, General Studies; Adam M. Eckert, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Logan D. Firkins, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Shawn M. Gibson, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Jonathan R. Kell, Automotive Technology; Jonathan B. Matthews, Precision Machining Tech; Seth C. Pfeil, General Studies; Tucker K. St. Clair, Precision Machining Tech; Kaylin E. Winkler, Administrative Office Tech

Fairmount - Travis S. Rogers, Surveying Technology

Bloomfield - Clint J. Cross, Technology; Eli J. Jackson, Diesel Technology; Kayla B. Mendenhall, Accounting; Angela M. Schloesser, Behav Sci Psychology Conc
Dugger - Devin R. Collenbaugh, IT Support and Cyber Security
Jasonville - Samuel E. Messmer, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc
Linton - Rachel M. Cravens, Business Administration; Tanner D. Hall, Engineering Science; Travis W. Hash, General Studies/Exploring; Kyle A. Kline, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining; Jacky C. Shi, Computer Programming Tech; Erica G. Steele, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Lyons - Zachary H. Waggoner, Surveying Technology
Newberry - Matthew A. Millikan, Administrative Office Tech; Vanessa R. Millikan, Nursing, Associate of Science
Solsberry - Hannah M. Pike, Practical Nursing; Adrianne B. Ressler, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
Worthington - Hannah M. Hoover, Chemical Sciences

Carmel - Savannah K. Dykstra, Social Work; Robert M. Turner, Aviation Maintenance Tech
Fishers - Derek H. Lawless, Aviation Maintenance Tech
Noblesville - Ryan M. Kaiser, Aviation Maintenance Tech

Greenfield - Haley A. Newsom, American Sign Language; Jait W. Shultz, Information Technology

Corydon - Ryan D. Sparks, Technology
Elizabeth - Paul J. Miller, Precision Machining Tech

Avon - Tiffani N. Edwards, Educ English Concentration; Ryan D. Pachasa, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Landon S. Vaughn, Precision Machining Tech
Brownsburg - Brandon J. Gray, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
Clayton - Daniel S. Monaghan, Homeland Security & Public Safety
Danville - Seth R. Tollison, Welding Technology
Pittsboro - Samantha B. Wiles, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Plainfield - Ryan A. Morton, Accounting; Michael E. Newman, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Brian T. Sellmeyer, Aviation Maintenance Tech; HENRY COUNTY
Mooreland - Patrick R. May, Broadcasting
New Castle - Tyler J. Morrow, Technology; Amber L. Simmons, Music Theatre

Medora - Katelyn L. Fox, Chemical Sciences; Brett C. Morrison, Automotive Technology

Wheatfield - Allison L. Rockley, Physical Therapist Assistant; Cooper A. Smith, Precision Machining Tech

Portland - Preston L. Bemis, Fire Science+Safety Tech

Deputy - Donald A. Short, Law Enforcement
Hanover - Lora D. Brown, Graphic Design Occupational
Lexington - Mary E. Reno, Funeral Service Education
Madison - Jurney E. Downing, Art; Joseph M. Gibson, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Butlerville - Ashley M. Boyce, Technology

Bargersville - Stephen A. Corbin, Aviation Maintenance Tech; David K. Russell, Law Enforcement
Greenwood - Elizabeth L. Bullard, Child Development; Chad M. Cottingham, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Taylor D. Lewis, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Christopher J. Magna, Technology; Sadie E. Satkamp, American Sign Language; Seth B. Walters, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Garrett C. Wirts, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Jordan A. Wright, Law Enforcement Conservation
Nineveh - Shayla A. Robinson, Law Enforcement Conservation
Whiteland - Tyler J. Weems, Aviation Maintenance Tech

Milford - Douglas L. Hapner, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Leonard N. Kline, General Studies/Exploring
Silver Lake - John C. Lokotar, Precision Machining Tech
Syracuse - Nikolos A. Anderson, Law Enforcement Conservation

Dyer - Denise H. Boulos, Health Information Management
Saint John - Randal R. Mendonsa, Aviation Maintenance Tech

Bedford - Brock L. Fields, Electronics Technology; Elizabeth A. Jackson, Technology; Kenlee J. Ratliff, Construction Technology; Jacob L. Rumsey, Computer Programming Tech
Mitchell - Trenton E. Beasley, Law Enforcement Conservation; Skylynn M. Carr, Social Work; Brandi N. Caruso, Art-Design (GD/VIS Com Emp) Tr
Williams - Chloe E. Martin, General Studies

Anderson - Kelsey E. Ruth, American Sign Language
Frankton - Wesley N. Garrison, Diesel Technology
Ingalls - Brandon M. Persell, Law Enforcement Conservation
Lapel - Clayton L. Kornman, Precision Machining Tech; Cade W. Luker, PE Sports Management Conc

Beech Grove - Jared O. Hanna, Computer Programming Tech; Dakota J. Hopkins, Behav Sci Psychology Conc
Camby - Tiffney K. Rogers, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc
Indianapolis - Ronald E. Arnold, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Kelsey W. Barnett, Aviation Maintenance Tech; David W. Bernard, Precision Machining Tech; Branden W. Blackford, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Erick L. Carvajal, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Joshua L. Deck, American Sign Language; Salvatore J. DeMore, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Taiwo O. Durowoju, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; David A. Foggin, Comp Netwrkg+Sec Spec-Elec Tch; David L. Glotfelty, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Caleb A. Hackett, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Shante J. Harris, Social Work; Ryan M. Jett, Computer Programming Tech; Geoffrey T. Kamp, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Lillian C. King, General Studies; Zane M. McAdams, IT Support and Cyber Security; Eva F. Nishimwe, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Jonathan Pizarro, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Douglas C. Rutledge II, Aviation Maintenance Tech; German Serrano, Aviation Maintenance Tech; William K. Stauffer, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Christian O. Swinford, Information Technology; Keena D. Tolbert, American Sign Language; Kymberlyn J. Tutt, Business Administration; Thomas R. Uttermohlen, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Kiernan M. Weeks, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Wesley A. Young, Aviation Maintenance Tech

Plymouth - Shannon B. Elliott, Funeral Service Education; Charity L. Fish, Business Management

Loogootee - Jalisa M. Abel, General Studies; Aaron T. Bridgewater, Computer Programming Tech; John M. Cangelosi, Public Relations/Communication; Jonathan A. Cowell, General Studies; Scott R. Duzan, Technology; Brandon L. Graber, Surveying Technology; Jennifer D. Graber, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Stephen T. Graber, Nursing, Associate of Science; Barbara A. Otto, Administrative Office Tech; Brandon J. Partin, Computer Programming Tech; John T. Swartzentruber, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Rachel S. Walls, Culinary Arts; Lacey J. Walton, General Studies/Exploring; Kyla C. Yoder, Social Work; Timothy E. Yoder, Business Administration
Shoals - Britney N. Cooper, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Charles E. Diamond, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Julie M. Dorsey, Accounting; Heather R. Foll, Electronics Technology; Sarah C. French, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Brooke A. Jones, Business Management; Ashley J. Montgomery, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Holly M. Self, Nursing, Associate of Science; Curtis J. Stoll, Engineering Science; Katie D. Stone-Payne, Administrative Office Tech; Gabriel S. SurVance, Engineering Science; Haylee M. SurVance, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Roger D. Terry, English; Reva M. Troutman, Education-Mathematics

Peru - Jackson E. Barnett, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Bloomington - Tiffany A. Britton, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Brett A. Jones, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Benjamin C. Siefers, Information Technology; Aaron E. Speth, Surveying Technology

New Richmond - Vincent A. Gwynn, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc
Martinsville - Alex M. Botkin, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Travis B. Holman, Automotive Technology; Jacob R. Jones, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Cassidy C. Miller, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Mooresville - Kevin E. Giza, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Duncan J. Millikan, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Sasha M. Piatt, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Andrew M. Romer, Law Enforcement Conservation; Christian A. Thomas, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Shawn M. Verhey, Automotive Technology

English - Ashton M. Leonard, Agribusiness
French Lick - Angel C. Jones, Health Information Management; Jennifer R. VanCleave, Business Management; Ian M. Wilson, Computer Programming Tech
Hardinsburg - Nakia A. McPherson, General Studies
Marengo - Kirklan J. France, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Ross A. Gilliatt, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining; Christopher H. Lambert, General Studies
Orleans - Jenna K. Holsapple, Business Administration; Emily B. Stalker, Funeral Service Education
Paoli - Oscar Martinez, Electronics Technology; Samantha L. Roberts, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
West Baden Springs - Levi V. Weddle, Business Management

Gosport - Todd A. Ooley, Aviation Maintenance Tech

Bristow - Jordan N. Sprinkle, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Jessica D. Underhill, Business Administration
Cannelton - Logan C. Nugent, Automotive Technology
Tell City - Hunter L. Cronin, Construction Technology; Andrew J. Froehlich, Automotive Technology; Alexandra C. Holmes, General Studies; Casey J. James, Law Enforcement; Zachary N. Taylor, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Otwell - Clint M. Craig, Law Enforcement; Ashley L. Harris, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech
Petersburg - Jordan L. Like, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Talynn K. Warren, Radiography
Stendal - Heath A. Reller, Engineering Science
Velpen - Ian C. Dudenhoeffer, Diesel Technology; Rayce K. Jones, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Lauren E. Keith, Educ Elementary Concentration; Chance E. Lee, Agribusiness
Winslow - Alexandria L. Baumgart, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Zakkary D. Cates, Engineering Science; Jonas M. Collier, Surveying Technology; Christopher D. Downey, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Colton D. Newton, Product Design+Production Proc; John T. Vinnedge Jr., Information Technology

Portage - Monika R. Fasel, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Nicholas H. Marlett, Diesel Technology; Tyler A. Sams, Automotive Technology
Valparaiso - Aaron J. Smrekar, Precision Machining Tech; Trevor J. Vannostran, Precision Machining Tech

Cynthiana - Casey W. Davis, Law Enforcement; Kyle S. Kiesel, Automotive Technology

Cloverdale - David M. Wilde, Aviation Flight Technology
Fillmore - Clayton C. Spencer, Automotive Technology
Greencastle - Mark A. Carr, Aviation Maintenance Tech; Alexis N. Duell, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Blaine A. Pitts, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Roachdale - Darion B. Brown, Information Technology

Farmland - Brooklyn J. Brown, Behav Sci Psychology Conc
Parker City - Quinton W. Arrington, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Batesville - Brandon M. Belter, Diesel Technology; Adam F. Harmeyer, Law Enforcement; Christopher J. Weisenbach, Precision Machining Tech
Holton - Connor R. Comer, Precision Machining Tech
Versailles - William K. Hutson, Precision Machining Tech

Falmouth - Gregory A. Clapp, Aviation Maintenance Tech
Glenwood - Jesse A. Finney, Aviation Maintenance Tech
Rushville - George N. Truster, Law Enforcement Conservation

Mishawaka - Devin C. Jodway, Homeland Security & Public Safety
South Bend - Nicholas R. Graveel, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Trenton J. Weldy, Elec Tech-Biomed Equip Tch Con; Joseph Wells, Fire Science+Safety Tech

Flat Rock - Jacob D. Kelley, Fire Science+Safety Tech
Shelbyville - Alex N. McCurry, Homeland Security & Public Safety

Dale - Pierce J. Brown, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Chelsey N. Campbell, Law Enforcement; Dugan A. Kippenbrock, Technology
Evanston - Morgan T. Peak, Accounting
Saint Meinrad - Breanna N. Sanders, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
Santa Claus - Jayme L. Lindauer, Administrative Office Tech
Troy - Katie M. Gogel, Nsg, ASN Compl Conc-LPNs

Dugger - Hallie M. Smith, Nursing RN-BSN Completion
Farmersburg - Garrett H. Stevens, Automotive Technology
Merom - Kristen N. Evans, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Luke A. Murdock, Homeland Security & Public Safety
Shelburn - Carson B. Thrasher, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech
Sullivan - Kenadi L. Ader, Fashion; Morgan A. Ader, Art; Caitlin M. Alsman, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Amie M. Barnes, Behav Sci Psychology Conc; Stephanie L. Boles, Radiography; Gabriel B. Bond, Art-Design (GD/VIS Com Emp) Tr; Riley M. Cesinger, Law Enforcement; Laney M. Golish, Health Information Management; Cole J. Hollingsworth, Law Enforcement Conservation; Elijah S. Hollis, Art-Design (GD/VIS Com Emp) Tr; Stacie L. Hurst, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Mary M. Street, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv

Dayton - Jakob H. Bratton, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc
Lafayette - Gabriel A. Broderick, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Brenda Cardenas, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Kyle A. Ford, Fire Science+Safety Tech; James E. Green, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; AnnaNasia L. Jacobs, General Studies; Brett T. Painter, Homeland Security & Public Safety; James A. Vaught III, Aviation Maintenance Tech
West Lafayette - Thomas J. McCormick, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc
Westpoint - Joseph S. Whitlock, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc

Atlanta - Stetson T. Blake, Technology

Evansville - Nicholas D. Amick, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Marissa A. Artis, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Courtney P. Barter, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc; Chase W. Blessinger, Law Enforcement Conservation; Jackie M. Bolton, Funeral Service Education; Dylan M. Buchold, Computer Programming Tech; Lane A. Buente, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Nicole A. Caprino, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Andrew J. Gisler, Law Enforcement Conservation; Bryce J. Higginbotham, Comp Netwrkg+Sec Spec-Elec Tch; Gibson O. Holder, Comp Netwrkg+Sec Spec-Elec Tch; Blake E. Johnson, IT Support and Cyber Security; Eric R. Klueg, Social Work; Andrew C. Ogden, Architectural Studies Tech/CAD; Tyler D. Perry, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Madyson L. Phillips, Funeral Service Education; Jacob L. Riley, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Alicia K. Schoening, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Julie D. Stewart, Radiography; Collin C. Wilzbacher, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech

Lewis - Andrew N. Michael, Engineering Science
Rosedale - Jonathan P. Hartzler, Precision Machining Tech
Terre Haute - Shaun M. Booe, Advanced Mfg Automation Tech; Jonathan L. Carlisle, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Ann M. Fischer, Restaurant+Food Service Mgt; Ryan A. Gomolisky, Automotive Technology; William F. Hart, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Brody T. Jones, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Miriam J. Smith, Funeral Service Education; John A. Tonello, Music Audio Recording

Wabash - Adam L. Kline, Precision Machining Tech

Williamsport - Adam F. McGowen, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc

Boonville - Thomas J. Pribble, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Chandler - Garrett D. Camp, Welding Technology
Newburgh - Christopher T. Blanford, Law Enforcement Conservation; Jonathan R. Haywood, Precision Machining Tech; Katelyn D. Scott, Legal Studies

Campbellsburg - Ethan A. Trueblood, Education-Mathematics
Pekin - Alex E. Norris, Liberal Arts

Hagerstown - Dylan G. Moore, Fire Science+Safety Tech

Churubusco - Tanner S. Hurley, Law Enforcement Conservation
Columbia City - Katelyn E. Linvill, Public Relations/Communication



Marshall - Sydney M. Davidson, Biological, Biomedical Science

Calumet City - Deon Rosell, Theatre Arts/Acting

Oblong - Crystal M. Campos, Art-Pre-Art Therapy
Palestine - Lawrence F. Biggs, Diesel Technology; Blake R. Meadows, Biological, Biomedical Science; Olivia D. Murdock, Biological, Biomedical Science; Paige M. Stoltz, FAM+ConsSci- Interior Desn Con
Robinson - Samuel P. Cunningham, Engineering Science; Shania N. Kirkwood, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Brandon A. Kitts, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Logan T. Miller, Fire Science+Safety Tech; Mykaela K. Patterson, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv

Effingham - Amber C. Tegeler, Funeral Service Education

Ingraham - Jaclyn S. Kuenstler, FAM+ConsSci- Interior Desn Con; Newton - Kimberly J. Dhom, Computer Programming Tech

Bridgeport - Zachary N. Breault, Engineering Science; Michael G. Buchanan, Engineering Science; Tristan R. Holtz, Business Administration; Savannah A. Tedrow, Art
Lawrenceville - Brittany E. Bach, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; Brady A. Benson, Agribusiness; Sarah E. Buchanan, Nursing, Associate of Science; Logan G. Chance, Law Enforcement Conservation; Jordan P. Decker, General Studies; Kenzie L. Hamilton, Chemical Sciences; Stephanie P. Hill, Art; Cordell M. Hussey, Engineering Science; Sarah N. Kocher, Technology; Matthew D. LaMarche, Music Audio Recording; John C. Lynch, Music; Jacob R. Mckinstry, Graphic Design Occupational; Anna C. Neal, Cosmetology; Kourtney L. Osmon, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Danielle M. Powers, Nursing RN-BSN Completion; Meghann M. Russell, General Studies; Timothy S. Seitzinger, Elec Tc Comp Support Tech Conc; Evan A. Staggs, Adv Mfg Tech-Ind Maint Conc; Nicholas E. Weger, Engineering Science; Sally J. York, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Saint Francisville - Emily R. Borden, Educ Elementary Concentration; Sabrina R. Newlin, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv
Sumner - Ashton N. Gray, Nursing, Associate of Science; Kendahl B. Stout, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Mackenzie L. Tennis, Education-Spec Ed Mild Interv; McKenzie N. Wolfe, Business Administration

Calhoun - Gary C. Jones, Technology
Claremont - George A. Boehl, Diesel Technology
Olney - Cody D. Crane, Precision Machining Tech; Abbegail E. Vaughn, Social Work; Loren D. Wingert, Fire Science+Safety Tech
Sumner - Kassidy P. Slunaker, Agribusiness

Mount Carmel - Austin L. Horton, Philosophy; Michelle J. Myer, Nursing, Associate of Science; Katelyn E. Myer, Nursing, Associate of Science



Petersburg AK - Thomas E. McLendon III, Homeland Security & Public Safety
Fort Smith AR -
Kristine Garner, General Studies
Van Buren AR - Ashley N. Hickey, General Studies
Derby CT - Marie-Magdelene Andeme, Liberal Arts
Arcadia FL - Jerome C. Libby, General Studies
Fort Myers FL - Sam M. Gallego, General Studies
Jacksonville FL - Kaylee A. Manjarrez, General Studies
Lake Worth FL - Ramesh Nandlal, General Studies
Miramar FL - Kaela N. Livingston, General Studies; Henry B. Lockwood III, Homeland Security & Public Safety
North Port FL - Victoria M. Smith, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Michael J. Fraser, General Studies
Orange Park FL - Amber N. Johnson, General Studies; Trevian K. Diggs, General Studies
Port Charlotte FL - Michael R. Talbot, General Studies
Punta Gorda FL - Shelley W. Havel, Homeland Security & Public Safety; Joseph M. Eilerman, Homeland Security & Public Safety
Rockledge FL - Jakob R. Blass, General Studies
Saint Augustine FL - Anthony M. Timis, General Studies
Venice FL - John K. Kranz, Homeland Security & Public Safety
West Palm Beach FL - Newman C. Crews III, General Studies; Carlos Valencia, General Studies
Bardstown KY - Chance M. Bodine, PE Sports Med Athl Train Conc
Inez KY - Brian E. Preece, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Lexington KY - Paul H. Ayres, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Louisa KY - Bobby R. Fletcher, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining; James E. Patrick, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Salyersville KY - William D. Jarrell, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Staffordsville KY - Patrick S. Sturgill, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining; Cory B. Conley, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Stambaugh KY - Elijah A. Blair, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Whitesburg KY - Rondall C. Meade II, Right Skills NOW CNC Machining
Slidell LA - Paul M. Jeanmarie, General Studies
California MD - Emily G. Domingue, Costume Construction
Norfolk NE - Blaine C. Rohlk, Agribusiness
Clyde OH - Isaac L. Milleson, Bowling Industry Mgt and Tech



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