Refunds & Loan Info

Refunds & Loan Info

Refunds - Refunds of excess financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans) will not be disbursed to students until 14 days after classes begin.  Check your selected refund preference with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc to see how you will receive your refund.  Visit this link for more information:

To view our contract, click here:

Parent Plus Loans -  PLUS loans will be disbursed to student accounts.  If there is an excess of the Parent loan, a refund will be sent to the student or directly to the parent based on the refund option selected by the parent when completing the PLUS application.

Book Vouchers - Students may be eligible to charge books and supplies at the bookstore up to the amount of the credit balance on their account or $1200 maximum.  FastPasses will be available for two weeks starting on the Thursday prior to start of classes.  

Book Vouchers for First-time Borrowers - First-time borrowers will be limited to the amount of credit balance or student loans less account balance. 
FastPasses will be available for two weeks starting on the Thursday prior to start of classes.

Accessing Your Account Information - You will need the username and password sent to you by the VU Registrar's office.  If you need help with your username and password, please contact the registrar's office at 812-888-4220.

Make an Online Payment -

  • Students - Please go to the myVU webpage
  • Authorized Payers can use this link:  Students will need to sign up authorized payers through their myVU account. See below for directions. Please ask your student to complete this quick and easy process for access to account information.

Instructions for myvu -

  1. Log on with username and password
  2. Click on Student tab at top of page
  3. Click on Access SSB
  4. Click on Student and Financial Aid
  5. Click on Make a Payment (a Vincennes University EPAY window will open)
  6. Click on "Make a Payment" to make a payment or "My Account" to add an authorized user

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