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  • Who Requires Verification 
    The FAFSA central processing system identifies some students for a process called verification.  This requires the student (and parents when parent data is part of the FAFSA) to submit documents that reconfirm some of the information that was provided on the FAFSA.  As many as one out of every three FAFSAs that are submitted get identified for verification.  This is no accusation of dishonesty.  Rather this is the U.S. Department of Education’s way of assuring taxpayers that the self-reported data on the FAFSA is as accurate as it can be. 
  • Verify As Quickly as Possible
    We cannot disburse any federal or state aid to those who have been identified for verification until that process is complete.  So, if you are identified for verification, it is important that you submit the required documents as soon as you can.  Otherwise there will be a delay in finding out how much aid you are eligible for and a delay in getting it on your account.
  • Submitting Verification Documents
    Some students and parents need to submit verification of income and tax information.  Those who can and do use the FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval Tool fulfill this requirement that way.  If you need to submit an IRS tax return transcript instead, click here on Tax Return Transcript to get directions for two different ways you can do this. Do whichever is easier or more convenient for you. Some years the U.S. Department of Education allows us to accept signed copies of tax returns instead.  The verification worksheet will show this as a possibility when it is allowed. Submit the worksheet and tax documents (if you need to include those) in person, by mail, or by fax.  Address and fax number are on the verification worksheet.

  • How to Check if You Require Verification
    If you are identified for verification, we will let you know which of these documents you need to submit because different versions of verification require different information and documentation.  You can see which documents or information you need to submit by going to your MyVU account.  After you log in, scroll down the "My Access" column and click on the "Financial Aid Status" link.  Then click on “Eligibility” and then on “Student Requirements.”  Click on the "Select Aid Year" drop-down to select the relevant aid year.  Links to any requirements you still need to fulfill will be highlighted.

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