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Historians describe and analyze past events through writing and research. They usually specialize in a country or geographic region, in a particular time period, or in a particular field such as social, intellectual, or political history. As with all social scientists, historians are concerned with some aspect of society, culture, or personality, and have a broad liberal arts background. Business and industry are looking for people with these attributes, which makes the history major a good candidate for management and executive positions.

The VU Advantage
Vincennes University offers the first two years of a four-year degree that is usually sufficient for entry-level jobs in government service, communications, banking, finance, and sales. An advanced degree is necessary to be considered a "professional historian" and teach, do research, or be involved in archival, architectural, or archaeological work.

What You Will Study
Your studies will range from the development of such modern wonders as computers, robotics, and lasers, to a world civilization course that will give you a broad background in the development of global political, social, and economic institutions.

History courses are usually taught by lecture but there are ample opportunities for you to become involved in historic and government affairs. Examples include participating in student government, state and national congressional internships, or a national constitution competition.

A Living History Lesson
There's no better place to study history than in the city of Vincennes with its unique historical buildings and landmarks that date from its founding in 1732 Sieur de Vincennes. Why just read about history when you can live it?

Learn more about the courses required for this major.

Learn more about the courses required for this major and transferring for a four year degree.

Mission Statement and Program Outcomes

Kristal Shick
PMSC 216

Gretchen Keller
PMSC 316

Kirk Abendroth
PMSC 218

Lakshmi Mahapatra
PMSC 317