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To meet the demand for IT Professionals, the (IT) Information Technology Department at Vincennes University offers a variety of degree options for aspiring Information Technology Professionals.



Meet the Professors

Jaci  Lederman Associate Professor, and Department Chair

Jaci Lee Lederman, PMP is the Chair of the Information Technology Department. Jaci brings her twenty years of experience working in the Information Technology industry, into the classroom. Her work experience spans from software development, to executive I.T. Management. Throughout her career, Jaci has worked on numerous projects that help organizations streamline operations by leveraging well defined business processes and technology. Whether it be programming an efficient loop in a program, or a BCDR plan, Jaci helps students understand the importance of successful technology integration into any organization. Jaci has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and a MBA with a concentration in Information Technology Management.

In 2017, the University President presented Jaci with a University Peer Recognition award.  Nominated by her IT Department, Jaci was recognized for her commitment to student success and her willingness to joyfully help others at Vincennes University.

Jaci believes in continual improvement and self development.  Most recently, Jaci earned the EC-Council EDRP certification and has contributed to publications on IOT, Cyber Security, and STEM Learning Through Video Games.

Committed to serving others, Jaci is an active United Way Day of Caring volunteer, is on the Board of Directors for Helping His Hands Disaster Response, and faculty sponsor of The IT Lead Club.  Jaci enjoys helping connect non-profits with student volunteers to solve problems using technology.

Advises: All Information Technology Degree Programs, including B.S. Degree options.

Jaci Lederman,  MBA-ITM, PMP

Information Technology Department Chair
(812) 888-5346


Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor

Gregory J. Hirsch, CEH, is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology and joined Vincennes University in 2014. Greg brings with him over 15 years  of IT experience from the corporate world and incorporates this knowledge into student learning in the classroom. The majority of his work experience  is in Network Administration and Security that includes implementing, securing, supporting and enhancing WAN/LAN networks, wireless networks,  DNS,  DHCP, and Active Directory. Greg has additional enterprise level experience working in Citrix, Exchange Server, Windows XP/7/2003/2008/2012 R2,  Network Appliance storage systems, VMWare, Cisco, and Disaster Recovery. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, an  Associate degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Greg serves as faculty adviser of the Cyber Crime Investigators club on campus that serves to promote security awareness among students and faculty and hosts various events throughout the year such as Black Hat Wars, Hackers No Hacking, and Bot Wars.

Advises: IT Support and Cyber Security Degree

Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor
(812) 888-5323


Kris Locklin, Assistant Professor

Kris Locklin brings over 20 years of professional office administration and management experience to the Information Technology department. Her familiarity and proficiency with an array of software applications pertinent to the world of business makes her an asset to faculty and students alike. Kris has Associate's Degree in Administrative Office Technology a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and is currently pursuing an MBA in Information Technology Management. In addition, she is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as being OPAC Certified in a wide range of office and computer skills.

Kris continues to be active in VU’s Alpha Beta Gamma Business Honors Society and Club as alumni and co-advisor helping students host business skill-building events, fundraising, and community service while emphasizing academic achievement. Her love for learning assists her in teaching and guiding students through the collegiate process as well as other necessary work and life skills.

Advises: Office Technology

Kris Locklin, Assistant Professor
(812) 888-5050


Brian Igel, Assistant Professor

Brian D. Igel, is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Vincennes University with a focus in computer science and programming.  Brian joined the Information Technology Department in 2017.  He brings 6 years of work experience as a Computer Programmer/Analyst with an expertise in Linux and Linux administration into the classroom. Brian helps students understand the importance of recognizing code repetition and eliminating it by programming code that allows code to work for itself.  He also believes a task should never be done more than twice; one time to complete it, and another to automate it. Brian has an Associate degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In 2019 Brian will begin pursuing a Masters Degree in Data Analytics. 

He enjoys reading and studying history. Topics such as: the history of aerial combat, specifically 1914 to 1945; Greek mythology; the Peasant's Revolt, or Wat Tyler's Rebellion; the American Revolution; and much more. With so much that is interesting in the world, he believes we need to automate the boring stuff and spend more time exploring.

Brian serves as faculty sponsor for the Cyber Crime Investigators, and the Campus Gaming Club. 


Advises: Software Development, Information Technology, Web Design

Brian Igel, Assistant Professor
(812) 888-5296


IT Student Activities

Clubs and Organizations

Vincennes University's Information Technology Department has three different clubs that allow IT Students to be a part of events and community service projects. 

Check out our student webiste at to find out more about IT Clubs and Events.


The VU IT-Lead is responsible for hosting the VU-Hack events on campus. Members of the IT-Lead locate local non-profit organizations that have a need of a website, application, or other IT related problem and offer assistance. During the VU-Hack event, members work in small groups trying to find the best solution to the non-profits problem. At the end of the event, the solutions are reviewed by a board of judges, and the best solution is chosen.

Students who participate in the IT-Lead gain hands on experience in Computer Programming, Information Technology, Web Design, Game Development, as well as Collaboration with other IT Majors.



C.C.I. – Cyber Crime Investigators

The Cyber Crime Investigators Club hosts the Black Hat Wars, Bot Wars,  and Cyber Security Awareness seminars. The Black Hat Wars is an event where Members group up and compete in order to break into Local Servers in the VU Secure Data Center. Members are given a list of tasks to complete in order, to bypass Windows security practicals,  and Allow themselves access on a secure server. Members learn the vulnerabilities of the Windows servers and how they can circumvent these vulnerabilities in future carriers. C.C.I. is also hosts LEGO© Bot Wars. Members combine Programming and Engineering Skills to design and Implement Robots built for specific task. These Bots are taken to competitions around Indiana to compete with other College. C.C.I. Awareness Seminars teach individuals without much knowledge of computers inner workings the fundamentals online safety in the workplace. Members of the C.C.I. help future professionals safe guard against, phishing attacks, scams, and viruses.



Learn more about Cyber Security Awareness at Secure VU


C.G.C. - Campus Gaming Club

The Campus Gaming Club hosts the Campus LAN parties as well as the Gamification Projects. The LAN parties is a twelve to twenty four-hour event were members compete in various Local Gaming Tournament throughout the night.  The C.G.C. also comes together to plan, create programs and applications that give insensitive to students to complete school projects through gamification.





Other Links

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Check out our student webiste at to find out more about IT Clubs and Events.


Student Nick Benedict talks about his internship opportunities as a B.S. Information Technology Concentration Student.

Nick graduated with an ACST in Computer Programming from Vincennes University and transferred right into the B.S. Degree Program.

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Transfer Degree Information

TSAP Transfer Degree Programs:

By completing one of these degree programs you will be eligible to transfer to ANY public four-year institution in the state of Indiana. You will be transferred in with junior status once you are admitted to that college or university.

Transferable Degrees

  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology- Programming and Game Development Concentration
  • Information Technology- Web Design Concentration

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