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Biological, Biomedical Sciences - Cellular Biology and Genetics Concentration, A.S. Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

The Cellular Biology and Genetics Concentration provides students with fundamental knowledge and laboratory skills in biotechnology, genetics, forensics, and microbiology. Biologists in these careers use materials such as stem cells and DNA to create medical products that benefit society as a whole. These scientists also can help solve crimes and improve the quality or quantity of our food.

What's Unique about this Degree: Students have a wide range of career choices upon completion of a Bachelor Degree. 

Good to Know: Students are exposed to current problems in the biological sciences, the diverse social issues relating to these problems, and the role that cellular biology and genetics can play in solving them.

Who is this degree for: This degree will transfer to any four-year university with a B.S. in Biotechnology and students could find jobs in pharmaceutical, production, environmental, agriculture, food science, and forensic scientists.

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