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Engineering- Industrial Engineering (AS)

Engineering- Industrial Engineering (AS)

Associate of Science Transfer

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2 Years


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Chemists and engineers design processing equipment and manufacturing facilities or specialize in a particular field such as pollution control, food-process engineering, or pharmaceutical engineering. They help produce specific products that make our world a better place in which to live. Food processors, for example, work closely with product managers to develop specialties like fat-free foods, seedless fruit, and the perfect French fry!

All of Vincennes University’s pre-engineering programs are designed to transfer to a four-year school.  After you earn your associate degree from VU, you will be proficient in high-level mathematics, computer use and application, and basic thinking skills.

The Lab is Your Practice Ground
The focus in all engineering tracts is developing sound problem-solving techniques. The laboratory is your practice ground as you learn the nature of chemical reactions and translates that to mass transport – reactions occurring on a much larger scale, as in chemical plants.

Career Outcomes

The VU Advantage
Some advantages to beginning your studies at VU include:

  • Smaller classes—usually less than 35 students—which translates into easier access to your instructor and lab equipment.
  • A philosophy based on teaching instead of research which means that you will always find a qualified faculty member conducting the lab sections, not a teaching assistant.
  • A study skills lab, computer lab, free tutoring, and a personalized approach to teaching gives you a better opportunity to master the fundamental engineering skills to carry you through upper-level classes.