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Pre-Occupational Therapy, A.S. Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

Thanks to the patience and skill of occupational therapists, thousands of disabled people learn to perform such everyday activities as getting dressed without assistance.  For those who are mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally impaired, this is an important step toward a life that is as independent, productive, and satisfying as possible.

Besides working with patients, occupational therapists may supervise students, assistants, and volunteers. Many therapists also manage offices, coordinate patient activities, or act as consultants to other organizations.

To become licensed as a Registered Occupational Therapist (OTR), you are required to have a Master’s Degree from an approved occupational therapy program. IUPUI and USI offer these programs. Our program is closely aligned with both IUPUI and USI’s Bachelor’s Degree requirements. You would complete your first two years of courses at Vincennes University, transfer and complete your Bachelor Degree, and then apply to IUPUI or USI.

For more information about becoming an Occupational Therapist, click here.

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