Political Science

Available on the Vincennes and Jasper campuses

Political scientists investigate the ways political power is gained and used. Vincennes University political science majors study a wide range of subjects to ensure that they are recruited by business as well as the public sector. Political science is a good academic background for law, public relations, teaching, or government employment.

What You Will Study
As a political science major at VU, you will:

  • Study public opinion, political decision-making, and ideology.
  • Analyze the structure and operation of government as well as informal political units.
  • Conduct a public opinion survey or analyze election results, depending on the topic you're covering.

On other occasions, students have helped draw up voting boundaries for city precincts (approved in court review) and even planned their own model communities.

The VU Advantage
Instruction at VU goes beyond the traditional lecture and discussion format. All classes are taught by qualified instructors who are committed to working with you on a one-on-one basis. In addition, the Social Science Learning Center is staffed by full-time professionals and provides learning aids such as:

  • Free tutorial assistance
  • Self-paced learning modules
  • Review materials for tests
  • Audio and video tapes
  • A computer lab

We Want You To Succeed
All this personal attention is deisgned with one goal in mind - your academic success when you transfer to complete a baccalaureate degree. To help ensure an easy transfer, field trips are scheduled to other universities so you can learn about various programs. Also, representatives of four-year colleges visit VU to meet with prospective students.

Kristal Shick
PMSC 216

Gretchen Keller
PMSC 316

Kirk Abendroth
PMSC 218

Lakshmi Mahapatra
PMSC 317

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Mission Statement and Program Outcomes