Theater Scholarships

The George R. Tolson Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually, is presented to an entering freshman or a continuing student at Vincennes University majoring in Theatre Arts/Acting or Music Theatre curriculums.  The $2,800.00 stipend is for one academic year at the university and may be renewable for a second year by the holder.

You will need to fill out both the VU Foundation scholarship application (found through this link: as well as the Theatre scholarship form (found at the bottom of this page) in order to be eligible for the Geroge R. Tolson Memorial Scholarship.

Theatre Performance/Production Grants are awarded to those theatre majors who demonstrate skill and potential for achievement who are not awarded the Tolson scholarship.  They may also be awarded to non-majors.  These grants are renewable each semester.


  • High school seniors with accumulative academic average of C (2.0) or better, are eligible to apply for these scholarships.  Students should indicate their interest by filling out the application form and sending it to Vincennes University, 1002 N First St., RSPAC-04/129, Vincennes, IN 47591.

  • Applicants for the scholarship should have a transcript of grades sent as well as three letters of recommendation: one from a teacher of English, speech, and/or theatre most familiar with the applicant’s theatrical endeavors, one from another teacher familiar with the applicant’s high school course work, and one from a reputable member of the community familiar with the applicant as a person.

Following the evaluation of the transcripts and letters of recommendation, the theatre staff will hold auditions and interviews.  If you are uncertain how to accomplish these requirements, please contact Kendra Clauser ( or 812-888-4146). An applicant whose major area of interest is theatre performance should prepare a monologue of choice, 1 to 2 minutes in length.  An applicant whose major area of interest is technical theatre or costume construction should bring a portfolio of costume sketches he/she has designed, lighting plots, photographs of effects on stage, and/or sketches, elevations, designs, or moods of stage settings he/she has designed.  These designs need not have been executed for a production.  They may be design projects or assignments.

You can find the scholarship form at the bottom of this page.

Following these auditions and interviews, the scholarship winners will be determined on the basis of the following criteria

  1. Potential for outstanding accomplishment in Theatre

  2. Creativity and imagination

  3. Skill in execution

  4. Dedication

  5. Cooperativeness

  6. Past performance as evidenced by the recommendations, auditions, and/or interviews

The recipient will be expected to maintain a 2.3 overall GPA at the university and the recipient will be expected to participate in each of the university theatre productions during the semester(s) the scholarship covers.

Deadline for scholarship applications is July 1.
Appointments for scholarship auditions may be made by contacting Kendra Clauser (812) 888-4146 or

Deadline for scholarship applications for the Spring semester is Nov. 15.



Theatre Scholarship Form 2018-2019