University Watch

University Watch

The University Police Department adheres to the belief that students, faculty and staff all have the right to a crime-free campus. However, becoming more restrictive and controlling flows against the concept of an open environment of an academic institution. A university is a welcoming place for people to experience new ideas, new friends and independence. With current economic trends stagnating departmental budgets, University Police realize a need for partnerships.

U WATCH is such a partnership!

University Watch is synonymous with "campus watch".  Campus Watch is an offshoot of the well-known crime prevention program, "Neighborhood Watch," which is found in communities throughout America.  U Watch is a team effort with you and University Police working together to prevent crime.

University Watch asks the entire community - students, faculty and staff - to look out for each other's welfare; to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of life on campus; and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies and other concerns to someone who can take action.

University Watch challenges you to be part of the community - not a bystander who refuses to get involved. For more steps to prevent yourself from having reqrets for not getting involved please visit our Bystander Intervention page.

Here is how YOU can help:


Be Aware, On the Lookout For and Report


  • A tense situation that is about to blow up. 
  • Any unusual noise that you can't explain - a person screaming, breaking glass, pounding or gunshot.
  • Any emergency, such as an accident, a fire, a critically ill or injured person.
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle.
  • Property being carried out of an office or area you know is not occupied.
  • Recently broken windows or doors.
  • Someone running from a vehicle, building or area while carrying property, computers, furniture, luggage.
  • Any form of vandalism, such as spray painting a sign or building; graffiti; removing benches or signs; pulling up or removing plants and shubbery.
  • Any abandoned vehicles on campus.
  • Someone looking into building windows or windows of parked vehicles, or trying to open them.
  • A stranger repeatedly walking or driving past your dormitory or academic building.
  • A vehicle driving slowly, and aimlessly, back and forth on a street or in a parking lot.
  • Door-to-door solicitors without properly issued local permits or licenses and without authority from Division of Student Affairs.
  • Someone loitering around or walking through the buildings, hallways or other campus areas with no clear purpose.
  • Overgrown shrubs, tall weeds or trees that could harbor a potential perpetrator of a criminal nature. 
  • Dim lighting in and around buildings, parking lots, pathways and sidewalks.


REMEMBER - If what you see worries you, the University Police need to know about it.  We would rather be called and not needed, than needed and not called.


When you alert the University Police, be prepared to say...

  • What happened,
  • When and where it happened, and
  • Whether anyone is or was injured.

And if appropriate...

Obtain vehicle license plate number and description; direction of travel; description of any suspects; and whether any weapons are or were involved.

NOTE:  It would be a good idea to write information and details down on a piece of paper as soon as possible, so it can be related to the responding officers, or to the police dispatcher.


University WATCH

University police officers cannot be in all places at all times. With
the help of involved, caring and alert students, faculty and staff,
a more secure and healthier community will prevail.

Off- Campus: 812-888-5555