Student Activities

Student Activities

Vincennes University Jasper supports a wide range of student clubs and organizations that make substantial contributions to the social and academic life on campus. The University grants official recognition to those groups whose purpose, goals and programs are consistent with the educational mission of Vincennes University Jasper. This campus welcomes opportunities to learn and develop outside the traditional classroom. The role of the Student Activities Office supports the institutional objective to provide a campus environment conducive to personal development. Students may pursue special interests, develop leadership, and find social expression and membership in various organizations and activities. Additionally, the Ruxer Student Center and JCCB Game Room provide equipment and facilities for organized and individual recreation.

If you are interested in any of the following clubs, contact:

Cathy Egler

VUJ Student Activities Coordinator


Jasper Campus Activities Board
Jasper Student Government Association
Beta Zeta Rho Chapter/Phi Theta Kappa - VUJC Beta Zeta Rho Chapter
SNO—Student Nursing Organization
Jasper Fishing Club
Jasper Run/Walk Club
Jasper Eco Club
Jasper GIVE

Helpful Resources

VUJ Student Activities Guidebook (View Online & Print)

Seed Money Application (View Online & Print)

Event Request Form (View Online & Print)

Service Scholarship Application (View Online & Print)

Conference Grant Application (View Online & Print)

Advisor Information and Agreement Form (View Online & Print)

Club Registration Form (View Online & Print)