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David Boyce, Site Director 


Fort Benning

8150 Marne Road bldg. 9230 Suite 1333

Office: (706) 689-0098

Fax: (706) 689-8011



The VU Georgia Military Education Program office is located on board Ft. Benning.  VU Georgia offers a variety of degree programs serving active duty and veteran military, law enforcement, civilians and their families.  Classes are offered in a variety of delivery formats including face-to-face, distance education (online) and flex courses  (in certain formats contact hours achieved via Blackboard). The flexibility of our program provides an ideal option for the adult learner.

Our friendly and experienced staff is available to advise you from start to finish. Please call or email if you have questions about credit evaluation/transfer, degree plans, class schedules, registration, or adjunct faculty positions.

The hardest part is getting started…let us lead you down the path to a Focused Quality Education!!

Degrees offered include:

Associate of Science (Transfer) in General Studies

Calling ALL FT. Benning VU Graduates!!! The Annual Fort Benning Graduation is set for Friday, August 9, 2019. the official ceremony starts at 13:30 (1:30 pm est) The location is the Marshall Auditorium in the McGinnis-Wickam Hall. Students in the Fort Benning area wishing to participate must get their petitions in to Mr. Boyce NLT March 29, 2019. to place your name on the graduation list as Ft. Benning email: benninggrads@gmail.com as soon as possible.