Looking for a place to stay?

There are many hotels close to Vincennes University. When you book your stay through our website, 10% of the total bill goes to the Parent Fund which was created to assist students, parents, and families in crisis situations. 

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PreVU Day: Join us for a Campus Open House! 

  • Saturday, April 27

To read more or register to attend PreVU, click here.

Please note that our PreVU visitation day is intended for students interested in majors on the Vincennes campus. Our American Sign Language and Aviation programs are exclusively located in Indianapolis. The times listed on the schedule above are on Vincennes time (Eastern Time).

Searching for a hotel near Vincennes University for your next visit? Find a great hotel AND support the Vincennes Parents Program by booking your reservation on this web page! With the University Parent partnership, part of your payment for hotel reservations will be donated to the Parent and Family Services Fund! Book for PreVU, START VU, or any trip! As long as you utilize the link, you can make travel reservations anywhere and still benefit the Vincennes Parent and Family Program.

START VU Days: Advising & Registration Days!

The START VU program is a one-day event that covers information regarding registering for classes, financial aid, student services, parent services, and campus life.

Attending one of these days will allow you to prepare yourself for the fall semester, including registering for classes with the assistance of an academic advisor.

To read more or register to attend START VU, click here.